People Born in Grand Falls up to 1910

Transcribed by Maxine Edwards, March 2004
From Grand Falls-Windsor Heritage Society files.
Name Date of Birth Relationship
Alyward, Nicholas February 1909 Son of Laurence
Ball, Rural December 1910 Son of Henry
Bishop, Andrew September 1909 Son of George
Bishop, Martha 1910 Daughter of Calvinn
Boulas, Lillian November 1910 Daughter of Dominick
Brown, Bertha November 1906 Daughter of Thomas
Cashin, Catherine October 1907 Daughter of John
Cashin, Genevive November 1908 Daughter of John
Cooke, Mary 1910 Daughter of James
Downton, Gladys July 1909 Daughter of Arthur
Duder, Clayton April 1909 Son of Albert
Dwyer, Patrick February 1909 Son of Patrick
Eastman, Harry April 1910 Son of Joseph
Gardner, Francis March 1909 Son of James
Gardner, Jane February 1908 Daughter of James
George, Louise July 1907 Daughter of Lewellyn
George, William December 1910 Son of Lewellyn
Goudie, Otto November 1910 Son of Elias
Goulding, Katie August 1908 Daughter of Tom
Hann, Irene June 1908 Daughter of Isaac
Hansen, Nina June 1906 Daughter of Hagbart
Hicks, Lesly December 1910 Son of William
Hillier, Robert May 1910 Son of Moses
Jackman, Laurence November 1909 Son of Arthur
Locke, Donald May 1908 Son of George
Maloney, Ariadne January 10,1909 (?) of Richard
Martin, Gwendolin 1910 Daughter of William (Policeman)
McVane, Sidney March 1910 Son of Fred
Morse, Willis August 1910 Son of Willis
Moss, John October 1909 Son of John
Osmond, William April 1907 Son of Edgar
Rowe, Arthur July 1910 Son of Rueben
Ryan, Philip October 1909 Son of Tom
Sheppard, Allan March 1909 Son of Eldred
Smith, Sarah December 1907 Daughter of Wilson
Thorne, Katie November 1910 Daughter of Richard
Wall, Gordon December 1909 Son of Garret