Gambo, NL

Transcribed By Carl J. White, Cull's Harbour, NL; Contributed By Shirley Foley
B13 Carbery Margaret - Apr 15,1913 Age 52 yr -
A15 Cashin Gregory J. - May 7,1936 Age 27 yr -
A16 Cashin Peter - Dec 31,1916 Age 76 yr -
B15 Cashin Patrick J. - Apr 13,1946 Age 73 yr -
D13 Cullinen John 1843 1920 - Shared Headstone
D13 Cullinen Mary 1857 1892 - Shared Headstone
D14 Cullinen Annie Mary - Feb 8,1916 Age 28 yr daughter of John and Catherine
A13 Harty Mary - Apr 7,1941 Age 69 yr -
A14 Harty Barbara - Nov 23,1940 Age 5 yr 6 mo -
A2 Kelly Harry - Oct 12,1925 age 19 yr 6 mo Son of Andrew and Ellen
A3 Kelly Mary - Mar 11,1915 Age 13 Daughter of Andrew and Ellen
A4 Kelly Alice - May 8,1917 age 19yr 6mo Daughter of Andrew and Ellen
C15 Kelly James - Sep 19,1910 Age (possibly 30 Numbers faded) Father Samuel
C19 Kelly Timothy - Nov 19,1941 Age 79 yrs Erected by wife Agnes
C4 Kelly Garrett 1896 1950 - Erected by son Frank
B17 Kelly Michael 1890 1938 - Wife Iva Burges; Son Lawrence A. Kelly Jr.
A1 Keneally Elizabeth - Mar 3,1915 Age 19 Wife of Cyril J. Keneally
A7 Lane Irene - Nov 13,1906 Age 11 yr Daughter of Alfred and Bridget
A8 Lane David - Oct 19,1912 Age 23 Son of Alfred and Bridget
A12 Morrissey Elizabeth - Apr 19,1941 Age 22 yr -
A11 Pynn George W. Jun 1881 Nov-38 - -

About .5 Km on main road going into Gambo on left side of road. Sign at beginning of trail says RC Cemetery 1800-1951. The Location is a grid location for reference only to show how the gravesites are in relation to each other. There is no actual physical measurement. The rows of graves are not always straight. Hopefully there are not too many vision or typo errors. A1 is the grave at the back left corner. The rows are in letters eg. B10 would be the tenth gravesite in Row B.