Will - William Caravan

Will - William Caravan
Contributed by Maxine Edwards, 2004

Will - William Caravan

The Supreme Court of Newfoundland Trial Division Estate of William Caravan, Vol. 6. Folio 244, Probate Year 1910.

In the Supreme Court In re: William Caravan deceased.

Oath of Administrator with the Will Annexed

Administration granted to Caroline Caravan on the 13th day of April 1910.

Value of Estate $200.00

Sureties: Josiah Russell and Edmund Mercer

To the Honourable the Supreme Court or to one of the Honourable the Judges thereof.

The Petition of Caroline Caravan, of Bay Roberts in the Electoral District of Harbour Grace, Widow.

Respectfully Sheweth as follows:-

(1) William Caravan, late of Bay Roberts in the Electoral District of Harbour Grace, Fisherman, died at that place on or about the ninth day of December A.D. 1908, having previously made and executed his last will and testament which is hereunto annexed marker “A”. The said William Caravan in and by his said will did not nominate or appoint any executor thereof.

(2) The said William Caravan left him surviving his widow (your petitioner) and ten children, namely, John, Walter, Jessie, and Caroline, residing at Bay Roberts, Jane, Arthur, and Rebecca, in Vancouver, Emma and Susie in Boston and Annie in Bangor, Maine, U.S.A.

(3) The said William Caravan at the time of his death was possessed of property within the jurisdiction of this Honorable Court of the probable value of $200.00 , as by the Inventory which is hereunto annexed marked “B” will fully appear.

(4) Annexed hereto marked “B” is an Inventory and valuation of the estate and effects of said deceased at the time of his death, which Inventory and valuation of the estate and effects of said deceased is just, correct and true as far as Petitioner can at present ascertain.

Petitioner therefore prays that letters of Administration to the estate of said William Caravan, with the will annexed, may be granted to her.

And as in duty bound she will ever pray.

Caroline (x) Caravan

Dated at Bay Roberts this 9th day of March, 1910.

The Last Will & Testament of William Caravan of Country Road, Bay Roberts in the District of Harbour Grace, Newfoundland.

I hereby bequeath to my son Walter all the land eastward of the gulch; To my son Arthur all the land from the gulch to the old cellar. The remainder to my wife absolutely, during her lifetime, then to revert to my son Walter.

The under southwest meadow from the house up I bequeath it to Isaac Cooper and the upper meadow behind the house I bequeath to my son John Caravan. The strip of woodland behind the house to be equally divided between Isaac Cooper and my son John Caravan. I bequeath across the railway crossing to my son John Caravan the westward strip of land; across the railway crossing the next strip to my son Walter; across the railway crossing the next strip to Isaac Cooper; across the railway crossing the eastward strip to my son Arthur.
Witness my hand this day, November the seventeenth, Nineteen hundred and Eight. William (x) Caravan. We certify that the above was signed in our presence.

Mrs. John Caravan - Witness

Charles H. Brown - Methodist Minister

This is the paper writing marked A referred to as affidavit of Mary Caravan, sworn before me on the 9th day of December 1910 A.D., John Jardine, Commissioner